Breakfast Club

Our Breakfast Club has been up and running since September and is proving increasingly popular. 


Children can be dropped off at 8.00am and will be provided with a breakfast which will include a choice of a healthy cereal, toast and a drink. Cost is £3 per child. 


Children can be dropped off at: 8.15am (£2.50) or 8.30am (£2.00).  Breakfast is not provided. 

If you would like to book a place contact Mrs Anderson in the school office.

This is a really fabulous school with only 47 in the school we’re all really friendly. The 3 teachers and 5 part time helpers make the lessons really fun and interesting and our secretary is amazing at keeping us all up to date. At break times we have lots of toys to play with in a very big playground our grounds are fantastic with space for gardening, we also do PE in the playground when the weather is dry because it is so big. The topics are really exciting with trips out to help us learn. We always welcome visitors so contact the school if you would like a tour.   

Written by children in Class 2