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June 2015 - Ofsted Report

We are pleased to announce that St Mary's has been rated 'Good' in its recent Ofsted Inspection.
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St. Mary’s CE (A) Primary School


Positive Behaviour Policy

(To be read alongside the School’s Anti-Bullying Policy)


Policy reviewed and approved by the Headteacher and School Staff on

12th March 2012


Policy adopted by the Full Governing Body on 26th March 2012


Review of the policy will take place annually or sooner if necessary


Policy approved by the Full Governing Body on 27th January 2015


Next review due:  Spring Term 2016 - This is currently being updated



 Our Values Statement

At St Mary’s C.E. (A) Primary School we believe that setting high standards for behaviour is an integral part of having positive attitudes to learning and raising attainment. We also believe that good manners, good behaviour, respect and thoughtfulness are important qualities for all our children to develop throughout their lifetime. We believe that we have a duty to help the pupils of St Mary’s C. E. (A) Primary School to nurture these qualities and values during their time with us.


We also believe that an appropriately structured and creative curriculum and good standards of teaching and learning contribute to good behaviour. Planning for the needs of individual pupils, the active involvement of pupils in their own learning, and structured feedback all help to avoid the alienation and disaffection which can lie at the root of poor behaviour.


At St Mary’s C.E. (A) Primary School, we focus on generating and nurturing positive behaviour through a range of specific, targeted whole class teaching and learning activities, such as circle time and PHSE; as well as through our whole school Collective Worship where we actively promote the Christian values of “Love thy neighbour”. We routinely encourage children to be responsible for their behaviour and recognise and reward good conduct.


We believe that young children, especially, have to learn how to get on with each other – to share resources, ideas, friends, and adult attention. Teaching children these positive behaviours is an integral part of our work, which starts as soon as a child starts at our school.


It is in the Early Years that the foundations for positive behaviour are created and nurtured. Much of the teaching and learning at this stage is focused on helping children understand what acceptable and unacceptable behaviour is, and what it means to be a valued member of the school and broader community. We encourage children to try to understand how their actions can affect others and help them to begin to develop feelings of empathy and sensitivity towards others.


As adults throughout the school, we continue to model co-operative and respectful conduct and attitudes, supporting all children in their learning journey through the school, to develop positive and successful relationships and sense of citizenship and community membership during their time with us at St Mary’s.



Our school aims state that we will:-

·         Provide an environment where learning is enjoyable.

·         Care for and value everyone in our school community.

·         Provide a secure environment where everyone is respectful to each other.

·         Encourage children to share responsibility for their own education.

·         Promote good relations with others at school and in the community.

·         Help each individual to discover and develop new skills and abilities.

·         Help pupils to develop lively and inquiring minds, to question and argue rationally and to apply knowledge to new situations.

·         Encourage children to be moral, self –disciplined, hard working and caring.

·         Provide challenge and support to achieve high standards.

·         Make the best use of our environment and cultural heritage by enabling children to benefit from educational visits and visitors.



To meet these aims through our Positive Behaviour Policy we have set the following objectives:

·         All members of the school community will be involved in implementing this Positive Behaviour Policy.

·         Staff and children will behave towards each other with mutual respect, consideration and tolerance.

·         We will celebrate positive behaviour through rewards.

·         The school will involve parents at an early stage if their child is persistently behaving in an unacceptable way or if a serious incident has occurred.

·         The school may ask parents to pay for damage to property that is the result of their child’s misbehaviour.


Our Golden Rules

St Mary’s C.E. (A) Primary School takes pride in, and works hard to preserve, the strong sense of community and kinship evident amongst the children and adults at our school. To reflect this, we have developed an overarching set of principles, which everyone at the school is to expect of themselves and of each other.


These whole school principles are articulated as ‘rules’ that everyone at St Mary’s follows. These have been drawn up by the children, in consultation with parents/carers and all staff working at our school.


  • We always try our best
  • We are gentle – we don’t hurt others
  • We are kind and helpful – we don’t hurt anybody’s feelings
  • We listen – we don’t interrupt
  • We are honest – we don’t cover up the truth
  • We work hard – we don’t waste our own or others’ time
  • We look after property – we don’t waste or damage things
  • We come to school on time, organised and ready to learn
  • We are pleasant and polite to everyone we meet


Teaching Teams (Class Teacher and Teaching Assistants) may decide to develop, with the children from their class, a set of their own Class Rules to supplement these Golden Rules and support behaviour management within the classroom environment.



As well as the many varied incentives operating in each class by the teacher e.g. smiley faces, praise and a sticker, we have “whole school” incentives and rewards to recognise and celebrate good behaviour and achievement, helpfulness to others and representing the school

 in a team or at an event.

The whole school incentives are:-


Lunchtime Champions

Lunchtime supervisory staff award a lunchtime champion certificate each week to children who have played co-operatively, shared, invited others to join their game or organised a game/activity for others to enjoy.  Certificates are given out during ‘Celebration Assembly’ which takes place every Friday afternoon.


House Points

Every child is in a “House”, house points are issued by any member of staff for being kind, helpful or achieving well. The House points are collected and counted every Friday and the winning house is congratulated in our celebration assembly every week.


Rainbow, cloud and sunshine

All children start their week on the sunshine. If a child does something very good, either in work or behaviour they may move to the rainbow. If a child breaks one of our classroom rules they may move to a cloud. In class 3 there are five clouds with time allocations attached. In classes 1 and 2 there is one cloud. The class teacher in class 3 decides whether the behaviour warrants a 3 minute, 6 minute, 9 minute, 12 minute or 15 minute loss of Golden Time. A child may move back from a cloud to a lesser time cloud or to the sunshine for good behaviour.


Golden Time

This is a valued and special time. Children can have an additional playtime outside or inside, depending on the staff cover. During Golden time children may bring something from home to play with and share, choose an activity to do in class e.g. paint, make a model, play a board game, access games on the computer (monitored by staff to ensure that they are appropriate). Children may lose minutes from their Golden Time for poor behaviour – see above. Golden time is usually on a Friday afternoon.


Golden Leaves/ Stars/flames

Children are rewarded for positive contributions to our school by being awarded a Golden leaf/star/flame certificate (changes theme every year), which can be for academic achievement, kindness, sharing or positive behaviours. Success achieved outside school is also rewarded and children are encouraged to bring in awards for e.g. swimming, music, sport to be recognised within school.  Golden leaves/ stars/flames are awarded in our celebration assembly every Friday.


Support for pupils with SEN/ behaviour problems

In some cases a child may have special educational needs and have a specific difficulty linked to behaviour or concentration. In these cases a child may be given a behaviour card separate from the sunshine, cloud and rainbow system – appropriate to his/her needs. A child with specific challenges will be supported by the Class teacher and SENCO to modify and improve behaviour. Parents will be informed of the need for a behaviour card and be encouraged to support their child to achieve an improvement in behaviour.


Playtime behaviour

Our children have special rules to follow when playing outside during morning or lunchtime break.

They are:-

·         Play safely, always within sight of the adult on duty.

·         Always follow instructions given by an adult.

·         Use equipment with care and return play equipment to the shed.

·         Share equipment and take turns.

·         Don’t do or say anything that would spoil some one’s day. Everyone has the right to enjoy their school day.


Sanctions for breaking playtime rules

1st incident – the member of staff will remind the child of the rule, the child will return to play.

2nd incident – the child will be asked to sit on the bench for 5 minutes to reflect on their behaviour.

3rd incident – the child will be sent in to sit outside the staffroom for the remainder of the break or lunchtime play. The class teacher is informed and the child’s name is written in the behaviour book.

If a child’s name occurs twice in the Playtime Behaviour book the child will be asked to discuss their behaviour with the Headteacher who will also contact the parents to discuss the difficulties with them.


Severe Behaviour Incidents

Fortunately these incidents are rare. However in the event of the following, parents will be contacted immediately and requested to remove their child from the school premises:

·         Deliberate physical violence towards any member of the school community.

·         Verbal abuse towards a member of staff

·         Deliberate damage to school property.


This will be recorded as a fixed-term exclusion. A meeting will be arranged with the parents to discuss further action, which may be, depending on the severity of the offence, up to and including, permanent exclusion.


In cases of bullying we will follow the procedures laid down in our Anti- Bullying Policy.

The school will record racist behaviour and the LA will be informed in line with our Racial Equality Policy.


Methods of recording breaches in behaviour

The Head teacher will keep a record of all actions taken with regard to serious or persistent breaches of the behaviour code.


Success Criteria

·         Entries in the whole school and class behaviour logs are minimal.

·         The number of Golden time minutes removed is reduced.

·         Positive feedback from teachers, support staff, parents and pupils.

·         Behaviour is excellent in and around school at all times.



Staff – The school staff, both teaching and non-teaching, share collegiate responsibility for consistently implementing school policy on positive behaviour. The Headteacher has overall responsibility for ensuring positive behaviour.

Parents – Parents have the responsibility for ensuring that they support their child in meeting school expectations in respect of positive behaviour.

Pupils – Pupils must be responsible for their own behaviour and meet the expectations set out by the school in keeping the Golden Rules.

Governors - This policy will be monitored and reviewed regularly as an ongoing audit of good practice.


Additional statement with regard to the use of social network websites and behaviour outside school – April 2013

A sanction will be imposed, where the School is satisfied it is reasonable to do so, upon any registered pupil whose behaviour when they are not on the school premises or under lawful control of a member of staff, could, in the opinion of the School:


           has repercussions for the orderly running of the school;

           poses a threat to another pupil, a member of staff or member of the public;

           could adversely affect the reputation of the school.

The School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment.

St Mary's CE (A) Primary School, Mucklestone, TF9 4DN
Telephone: 01630 672126
Headteacher: Mr Christopher Newman

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